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  • Types of Marital Agreements
    Types of Marital Agreements

    Whether prior to marriage, after the marriage occurs, or as a result of divorce proceedings, marital agreements often come in to play. In California, there are three types of marital agreements: 1. ...

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  • A Shout-out to Fathers
    A Shout-out to Fathers

    David Adam LaRoche is a professional baseball player. He is married and the father to a daughter, Montana, and a son named Drake. He has been playing baseball professionally for 15 years, most ...

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  • Determining Spousal Support in California
    Determining Spousal Support in California

    In determining permanent spousal support orders, the California Family Code makes quite clear that specific circumstances MUST be considered. Specifically, Section 4320 states: "In ordering spousal ...

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  • Social Security is Not Community Property
    Social Security is Not Community Property

    H and W married in 1994. They separated in 2010. H is an attorney in private practice. W is also an attorney, and is an employee of a California county district attorney’s office. Throughout their ...

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  • A Visitation Rights Win for Grandparents
    A Visitation Rights Win for Grandparents

    Baby girl R was born to M and B in 2004. Present at the time were M’s parents, J and C. Shortly after R’s birth, J retired from his job and became R’s primary caregiver. At M’s suggestion, J and C ...

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  • Benefits of Mediation In A Divorce
    Benefits of Mediation In A Divorce

    When faced with an impending divorce, issues regarding matters of child custody, spousal support, visitation rights, child support and the division of property can oftentimes cause conflict. Mediation ...

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