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  • When California Has Jurisdiction over Mexican Citizens
    When California Has Jurisdiction over Mexican Citizens

    Mother (M) was an American citizen living in Mexico with her two sons AC (age 6) and EC (age 15 months). Both of her sons were born in Mexico, thus Mexican citizens. M never disclosed the name of the ...

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  • Deportation Can Affect Child Reunification Efforts
    Deportation Can Affect Child Reunification Efforts

    Father (F) and Mother (M) are the parents of three children who were living in San Diego County, California. In November of 2011, F was arrested for domestic violence and deported to Mexico. After F’s ...

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  • FLARPLs Still Exist
    FLARPLs Still Exist

    Now that housing market has improved, many people in California have equity in their houses. Many of those people are married and hold the deed to their property in joint tenancy. This means, that ...

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  • A Bonus is a Bonus
    A Bonus is a Bonus

    Husband (H) and Wife (W) were married in 1987. W was a certified surgical technician until their first child was born in 1983, when she became a stay-at-home mom. H was a hospital executive, and ...

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