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Joint Custody Attorney in Pasadena

Divorces Involving Joint Custody

Divorces that involve children will require an agreement between the parents regarding custody. If there is a dispute regarding custody, the court will decide where the child will live, who will make decisions regarding the child's upbringing, and the visitation rights of the non-custodial parent. The court will favor shared parenting responsibilities, also called joint custody, unless a parent is considered harmful or dangerous to the child, or are incapable of fulfilling their parental duties.

Joint custody includes joint physical custody, where the child has significant time with both parents, and joint legal custody, which allows both parents to make decisions about their child's upbringing. Parents with joint physical custody often have joint legal custody as well, but spouses with joint legal custody do not always have joint physical custody. When a parent is designated as the child's primary caretaker, they will usually be given sole physical custody of the child, while the other parent is allowed visitation rights.

Searching for a lawyer for your child custody case in Pasadena? Look for an experienced child custody lawyer in Pasadena to walk you through the process. A Pasadena family law attorney from our firm can explain the statutes pertaining to custody so that you thoroughly understand how custody issues are resolved. We can also advise you on what the court will look at when determining whether or not parents will have joint physical or legal custody, or both.

Pasadena Joint Custody Lawyer

If it falls on the court to make a decision regarding child custody, the health, safety and welfare of the child will be of primary concern. Some of the factors that will be taken into consideration include:

  • The child's age
  • The child's health
  • The parent's physical and mental health
  • The child's relationship with each parent
  • The ability of each parent to support and care for the child
  • Any history of child abuse or endangerment
  • What the child wants

Attorneys at the Law Offices of Makupson & Howard are committed to the amicable resolution of child custody issues whenever possible. Our firm also has 50 years of combined litigation experience and can provide capable legal representation for clients who need help resolving custody disputes.

Contact a Pasadena Joint Custody Attorney from the Law Offices of Makupson & Howard if you are divorcing and need help with a child custody agreement.

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