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Pasadena Order of Protection Lawyer

We Can Help You Petition for a Restraining Order

Divorces can be extremely volatile and sometimes result in a spouse's threatening behavior, destruction of property or even physical violence. You are protected by law from any form of domestic violence, including harassment, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, stalking, threats of violence and physical injury.

A Pasadena family lawyer should be contacted immediately to help secure an Order of Protection if you are the victim of domestic violence. A protection order will prohibit a spouse from having any further contact with you. If the spouse is living in your home, he or she will be required to move out and stay at least 100 feet away for you and any children that may be involved.

Orders of Protection Attorney in Pasadena

An Order of Protection, commonly referred to as a restraining order, is used in domestic violence cases to immediately stop sexual or emotional abuse, and physical abuse such as:

  • Hitting
  • Punching
  • Kicking
  • Slapping
  • Hair pulling
  • Pushing
  • Holding the person down

When a petition is submitted for an Order of Protection, an emergency hearing is held to determine whether or not the order should be issued. If the judge approves the petition, a second hearing is held approximately three weeks later to decide if the order will be permanent.

Attorneys at the Law Offices of Makupson & Howard can provide immediate assistance in preparing and filing a petition for an Order of Protection. We can help ensure your order is approved, and skillfully represent you at your protection order hearing. Our firm knows the trauma and distress that domestic violence can cause, and will help you obtain a restraining order to legally safeguard you from further harm.

Contact a Pasadena Orders of Protection Lawyer for capable assistance in filing an Order of Protection.

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