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Pasadena Annulment Lawyer

Interested in having your marriage annulled in CA?

Annulment is similar to a divorce in California as it is another court procedure that dissolves a marriage. One key difference between an annulment and a divorce is that an annulment sees the marriage as if it had never happened in the first place. Divorce dissolves the marriage but it does erase it from ever happening. It is important to note that you must live in California in order to file for an annulment in this state, but there is no required length of time for the residency requirement.

Why Annulment?

There are several reasons that a couple may choose to have their marriage annulled rather than go through a divorce. For example, some religions do not condone divorce in any way so annulment is a way to end the marriage while avoiding divorce. There are two types of annulments that can take place; a civil annulment or a religious annulment. If you are considering either type of annulment, team up with a Pasadena divorce attorney for help!

Who qualifies for an annulment?

There are only certain circumstances that justify an annulment in California. Keep in mind that if a marriage was incestuous or bigamous, it was never legally valid in the first place so an annulment is not necessary.

Other couples can pursue an annulment if any of the following are true:

  • The spouse pursing annulment was under age 18 when the marriage took place
  • One party was legally married or already in a registered domestic partnership when the marriage took place
  • One party was of 'unsound mind' at the time of the marriage- this means they could not understand the contract of marriage and the obligations when the marriage took place
  • There was fraudulent consent or some other form of fraud in the marriage
  • One party was forced to consent to the marriage or forced to file for the domestic partnership
  • There is an incurable physical incapacity to where one party cannot 'consummate' the marriage

Annulment Process in California

The first step in pursing annulment is to determine if you meet the requirements to file. For help in this process, it is advisable to team up with an annulment attorney in Pasadena who can help.

Your lawyer can assist you in the next steps, including:

  1. Filling out the required forms for annulment.
  2. Filing the originals with the court clerk in which you are filing.
  3. Appointing a process server to serve the annulment forms to your spouse.
  4. Making sure a Proof of Service of Summons is filed to the court by the process server.
  5. You and your spouse will need to fill out a disclosure form that includes your assets and debts.
  6. Gathering documents and evidence to support the eligibility of annulment before you attend a hearing.
  7. Attending the hearing where the judge will determine if you qualify.
  8. Your marriage can then be annulled.

Need a lawyer for an annulment in Pasadena?

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