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Pasadena Custody Modification Lawyer

Child Custody Modifications

When parents with minor children divorce, they will need to work out a custody agreement. When the parents disagree on custody issues, the court will intervene and decide physical and legal custody rights. Sole or joint physical custody pertains to where the child will live. Legal custody, which can also be awarded to one parent or both, gives the parent the right to make decisions regarding the child's welfare. This can include where a child will go to school, what religion they will be brought up in, and the medical treatment they will receive if there is a health problem.

The court will only approve modifications to a custody order when there is a significant change in circumstances. A Pasadena divorce attorney should be consulted if you are planning to make custody modifications. You will need experienced legal counsel from a knowledgeable lawyer to ensure the changes you are requesting are approved by the court.

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Custody Modifications Attorney Pasadena

Spouses can make their own agreements regarding custody modifications, and file the changes in writing with the court. If there are any disagreements, a hearing is held where the court will a final determination on the matter.

The criteria the court uses in deciding whether or not to approve a requested change in a custody order involves a significant changes in circumstances such as:

  • Parental relocation
  • Child endangerment due to domestic violence, child abuse or a parent's drug or alcohol problem
  • A parent is sentenced to prison
  • A parent becomes seriously ill and can no longer properly care for the child
  • The death of a parent

Searching for a lawyer for your child custody case in Pasadena? Seek representation from the top child custody lawyer in Pasadena to fight for the modifications you need. The Law Offices of Makupson & Howard can provide valuable assistance in custody modifications. Attorney Carolyn A. Makupson is a court appointed minor's counselor who has represented the interests of children in contested custody issues. She is intimately familiar with custody law and highly experienced in matters pertaining to child custody, including the modification of custody agreements.


Contact a Pasadena Custody Modification Lawyer from our firm if you are considering modifying a custody agreement for competent legal advice.

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