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The Advantages of Mediation

Mediation is a chance for marital partners to reach agreement on all matters of importance in a divorce, without resorting to the courts for resolution. Important issues such as child custody, spousal support, visitation rights, child support, the division of property, and financial matters can be addressed and resolved. With experienced mediation, a legally binding divorce agreement can be worked out. We at the Law Offices of Makupson & Howard recommend the use of caring and knowledgeable Pasadena family law lawyer to competently assist you in mediating your divorce.

We are trained in mediation services and have made them part of our established practice. On a practical level, mediation is far less costly than divorce litigation. It allows the persons involved to keep control of the divorce process. How the issues are resolved and what is said in mediation can remain confidential and many couples prefer to keep their divorce matters private. Divorce can become a highly charged emotional affair. Mediation provides an environment in which spouses can work together to achieve the best possible outcome for their lives and those of their children.

What is the Procedure for Mediation?

There are specific actions, usually in a certain sequence, that go into a successful mediation. In the beginning stages, each person will be able to give their viewpoint on the situation and ask questions regarding the process of mediation and divorce. Financial and other information will be gathered under the direction of the mediator. The purpose of this information collection is to ensure that all parties have the facts needed to decide on all important issues. Each individual will be able to state what they want to achieve from the divorce and why. Important matters will be negotiated, discussed and compromised as needed. The end result is putting together a divorce agreement that is legal, which both parties agree with and that will be acceptable to the court.

With mediation, a neutral third party assists the spouses in negotiating a workable settlement agreement. Unlike contentious divorce litigation where two spouses battle it out and where the outcome is out of their control, mediation provides an open forum where each spouse can communicate his or her needs and desires, and what is important to them. Because the environment is one that encourages open communication and negotiation, it allows for better communication between the husband and wife. What's more, because the husband and wife come to terms together, they are more inclined to actually stick to the terms of their agreement afterwards. Mediation is a cost-effective solution in contrast to litigation which is both cumbersome and costly.

Having a cutting-edge attorney who supports the newly developing area of mediation can be extremely valuable. By coaching you about your legal rights and options and by coaching you through negotiations, and by giving you creative settlement ideas, we can not only streamline the mediation process for you but we can also prepare the necessary divorce paperwork once you and your spouse come up with a workable agreement that you are both satisfied with. With divorce litigation, the power is with the court; however, with mediation, the power to make decisions about your assets, your property, your debts and your family are with you, and this can be a very comforting feeling. What's more, unless the courts have ordered mediation, you are completely free to stop mediation and you can refuse to sign any agreement that you feel is unfair.

Many years ago, our lead attorney went through a divorce that was not properly mediated and without the level of care that should have been given. We understand, therefore, the emotions and issues involved in a divorce. We would like you to make use of our 50 years of family law experience to ensure you divorce is correctly mediated.

Searching for an attorney for your divorce in Pasadena? Contact a Mediation Attorney in Pasadena to assist in successfully mediating your divorce case without the need for litigation.

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