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Fathers' Rights in Pasadena

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People may say that there is a bias favoring women in family court. Women may also say the same thing about men, but today the state of California sees both parents as having equal rights and responsibilities. This is not to say that courts will never favor the mother because oftentimes the role of the father is seen as less important than the role of the mother, but legally parents are equal. Overall, it is most beneficial for children to have involvement of both parents in their lives and many judges make their decisions accordingly. There have been studies to show that children perform better in school and in relationships when parented by both their mother and their father. When fathers are involved, studies have shown that children grow better cognitively and linguistically.

Your Rights as a Father in California

Fathers are more than just another adult in a home, they help children grow into the best individual that they can be. The rights of fathers are essential when it comes to providing a child with two involved parents. When going through a divorce as a father, you need to be aware of your rights.

The key rights that you have include:

  • The right to be involved in your child's life through interaction and time spent with them
  • The right to have an equal say in the decisions regarding your child including; where they live, their religious practices, etc.
  • The right to participate in parenting your child
  • The right to view your child's school and medical records
  • The right to be part of the decision regarding the doctors and dentists that your child visits
  • The right to participate in decisions regarding the medical treatment of your child
  • The right to parent without receiving interference from the other parent
  • The right to discipline your child

Pasadena Divorce Lawyer Representing Fathers in Divorce Cases

Fathers have many rights in the state of California and with these rights comes many responsibilities. A father is required to provide financial support for their children along with access to medical treatment and schooling. The rights are the same whether or not the parents are wed or unwed. The only difference in scenarios is that the unwed father has to prove paternity before assuming the full rights. If you are going through a divorce and are in need of assistance, obtain representation from a Pasadena divorce lawyer who can make sure your rights are protected.

A divorce process must resolve several issues and our attorneys help clients fight for the results that they need and want in any of the following matters:

You, as a father, have the same rights as the mother of your children. Do not surrender your rights because you feel you must, fight for your rights as a father. Searching for a lawyer for your family law case in Pasadena? The Law Offices of Makupson & Howard may be able to help you!

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