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  • More Help for Victims of Domestic Violence
    More Help for Victims of Domestic Violence

    Effective January 1 of 2016, the legislature of the State of California provided victims of domestic violence additional help in preventing further abuse. Civil Code Section 1946.7 provides a tenant ...

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  • Fault in a No Fault State
    Fault in a No Fault State

    H and W married in 1986 and had three children, Son 1 (S1), Daughter (D) and Son 2 (S2). W has not worked since 1990, when she gave birth to D. Between 1995 and 2001, H worked in Algeria. He would ...

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  • No Reunification for You!
    No Reunification for You!

    According to a detention report filed by the Contra Costa County Children and family Services Bureau (Bureau) 12-year-old Brother (B) and 11-year-old Sister (S) lived with their mother (M) in their ...

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  • Third Parent Status Denied
    Third Parent Status Denied

    Mother and Z were married and had two children together: Minor 1 (born 2009) and Minor 2 (born 2010). The parents separated and filed for divorce in 2014, but the divorce was never finalized. Z moved ...

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