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  • Old Violence vs Current Violence
    Old Violence vs Current Violence

    In May, of 2015, the Los Angeles Department of Child and Family Services [DCFS] received a referral alleging emotional and physical abuse by Father [F] and general neglect by Mother [M]. At the time, ...

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  • Are We Really Married?
    Are We Really Married?

    M and L began dating in 2008. They began living together in 2011, because they wanted to be together, but not in a legal, marital status. Both M and L had been married twice before. L was receiving ...

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  • Due Process in Juvenile Court
    Due Process in Juvenile Court

    Father [F] had custody of his two daughters with his first wife, and the three of them lived with F’s current wife (the girls’ stepmother). The San Luis Obispo’s Department of Social Services [DSS] ...

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  • Mental Instability May Not Preclude Parenting
    Mental Instability May Not Preclude Parenting

    Mother [M] and Father [F] were high school sweethearts. They never married but lived together and had two children together Son [S] (born in December 2000) and Daughter [D] (born in December 2004). In ...

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