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  • Self-Help with the California Legal System
    Self-Help with the California Legal System

    The legal system can be a very difficult process for the average person to navigate. Lawyers spend years in school learning how to navigate the system! However, California’s legislature has tried to ...

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  • She Only Uses Meth to do Yard Work
    She Only Uses Meth to do Yard Work

    Law enforcement officers in Del Norte County California found mushrooms, meth pipes, marijuana paraphernalia, concentrated cannabis, brass knuckles and butterfly knives during a valid search of ...

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  • A Veteran's Tale
    A Veteran's Tale

    Persian Gulf Wars. After twenty years, he retired honorably and began receiving his military pension. In 1974, while continuing his career as a sailor, he married J. They remained married until 2003, ...

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  • What's in a Name?
    What's in a Name?

    Mother and Father shared a romantic relationship for many years and never married, but had two children together, a son C (age 12) and a daughter J (age 6). Sadly, by 2014, their romantic relationship ...

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