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  • The Case of a Premarital Agreement without Lawyers Involved
    The Case of a Premarital Agreement without Lawyers Involved

    H and W met in 1995 when they both attended an architectural conference in Russia. Both are architects. H was a Russian citizen and W lived in the United States. They continued their relationship via ...

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  • California Family Code vs Religious Agreements
    California Family Code vs Religious Agreements

    In 2000, Husband [H] and Wife [W] were married in an Islamic wedding ceremony in Michigan. At the time of their marriage H and W signed a mahr agreement . The agreement entitled W to five gold coins ...

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  • Prenups with Cheating Clauses
    Prenups with Cheating Clauses

    Carmelo Anthony is a professional basketball player with the New York Knicks. In 2007, he married television personality and author Alani “La La” Vazquez Anthony. They have one child, a son age 10. ...

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  • Phil Spector is Divorcing
    Phil Spector is Divorcing

    Harvey Phillip “Phil” Spector is a record producer, musician, song writer and convicted murderer. He is known worldwide for his “wall of sound” form music in the early 1960s and his influence on many ...

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  • Types of Marital Agreements
    Types of Marital Agreements

    Whether prior to marriage, after the marriage occurs, or as a result of divorce proceedings, marital agreements often come in to play. In California, there are three types of marital agreements: 1. ...

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  • Community Debts in California Law
    Community Debts in California Law

    In California, payment of most debt acquired during the marriage is considered the responsibility of both spouses. Debt acquired before marriage or after the spouses separate is the responsibility of ...

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