Benefits of Mediation In A Divorce

When faced with an impending divorce, issues regarding matters of child custody, spousal support, visitation rights, child support and the division of property can oftentimes cause conflict. Mediation is an attempt to avoid that conflict by bringing in an unbiased party in order to help you and your ex-spouse reach an agreement. The primary goal in mediation is to successfully assist both parties to reach an agreement that will satisfy both in a manner that will preserve the relationship, take less time and achieve greater satisfaction.

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Beneficial for Children

The divorce process may be tough on spouses, but oftentimes it’s tougher on children. Children benefit from seeing their parents cooperate and reach a compromise rather than witnessing or being involved in heated arguments. These types of interactions can allow for a healthy home environment during and after the divorce, and also allow them to feel stable in their personal environment. In mediation, you and your spouse also have more control over what your child needs and wants than you would with litigation.

Cost Effective

Many clients choose the route of mediation to avoid the costly fees of litigation. In most cases, mediation can be 40%-60% less expensive than divorce litigation. Since the turn around rate is much quicker with mediation, clients will also be spending less money over time. It can be difficult to focus during the most crucial moments of the divorce process with a financial burden looming over you. Mediation offers a less cumbersome and less expensive alternative to reach your desired goals.

More Control

In cases of divorce mediation, you have the control over what you and your spouse want to discuss and settle. In addition, you are also given the final say over the logistics of your agreement. In mediation, spouses are given opportunities to speak and be heard. This type of open communication can be invaluable when settling on the terms of your agreement and also opens the door for important discussions to be had that otherwise wouldn’t have in a courtroom setting before a judge.


Divorce is usually a personal affair that most people would rather keep private. Once a divorce goes to court, however, court documents and information become public record. In court you and your ex-spouse will also be required to publicly argue your case. In divorce mediation, however, all meetings are private and between you, your spouse, your respective attorneys and the mediator in a closed setting. This degree of privacy is also beneficial for children who may not have the emotional maturity to witness their parents argue in a courtroom, or be interviewed and observed by several experts in cases of custody trials.

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