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  • Paris Hilton and her Engagement Ring from Chris Zylka
    Paris Hilton and her Engagement Ring from Chris Zylka

    Paris Whitney Hilton is a 37-year-old model, actress, American television personality and businesswoman. She is also a member of Hilton Hotel family, specifically the great-great granddaughter of the ...

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  • What's in a Name?
    What's in a Name?

    In traditional marriages, when a bride married, she took the last name of her husband. Today, a bride may marry another bride or a husband may marry another husband. Whose name should he or she take ...

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  • Coping on COAP
    Coping on COAP

    In California, both parents are financially responsible for the care of their children. When the parents do not financially provide for their children, the state government will step in providing aid ...

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  • POP Goes Paternity
    POP Goes Paternity

    The Paternity Opportunity Program (or POP) was established in California in 1995 creating a simpler system for a biological mother and unmarried father to establish paternity. The program was created ...

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