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  • How NOT to Dress for Court Appearances
    How NOT to Dress for Court Appearances

    Although most of family law procedures are handled outside of the courtroom, there are times when court appearances may become necessary. When they are, dressing appropriately can make a big ...

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  • Summary Dissolution:  A California
    Summary Dissolution: A California "Quickie" Divorce

    California has a no-fault divorce system with many laws and procedures to make divorce a fair process for both spouses ending their marriage. The system can become very complicated, however, when ...

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  • Proposed Protection for Domestic Violence Victims
    Proposed Protection for Domestic Violence Victims

    On July 14, 2016, United States Senator Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH) introduced legislation in the United States Senate to further ensure the rights of victims of domestic violence. The new legislation would ...

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  • Hawaii's Law to Deprive Rapists of Parental Rights
    Hawaii's Law to Deprive Rapists of Parental Rights

    In California, under Family Code Section 3030(b), no person shall be granted custody of or visitation of a child, if that person has been convicted of rape and the child was conceived as a result of ...

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  • Name Change after Divorce
    Name Change after Divorce

    Many people take their spouse’s last name when they marry, and no longer want that name after they divorce. In California, if at the time of the divorce filing the spouse requests to have his/her ...

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