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  • Sometimes Judges' Opinions Can Differ Legally
    Sometimes Judges' Opinions Can Differ Legally

    L was born in 2009. Her parents never married, and both were members of the military. Less than a year after she was born, Father left the military and moved into Mother’s home in the San Francisco ...

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  • Family Law Facilitator
    Family Law Facilitator

    A family law facilitator helps people representing themselves in legal situations regarding child support, spousal support and/or health insurance issues. In Los Angeles County, the Office of Family ...

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  • Courtroom Demeanor:  How to Behave in Court
    Courtroom Demeanor: How to Behave in Court

    Now that you’ve got your court appearance date and you’ve learned what to wear (and what NOT to wear) for the appearance, next up is how to behave when you are actually in the courtroom. Before your ...

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  • What to Wear to Court
    What to Wear to Court

    Last week, we talked about what NOT to wear to court, so this week is about what you SHOULD wear to court. Let’s begin with basic hygiene… Two weeks before your court date: Get a haircut or trim if ...

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