What to Wear to Court

Last week, we talked about what NOT to wear to court, so this week is about what you SHOULD wear to court.

Let’s begin with basic hygiene…

Two weeks before your court date:

  • Get a haircut or trim if needed so your hair looks its best for your court appearance
  • Prepare the clothes you’re going to wear to court. (See clothing suggestions below.) Try them on to ensure they’re appropriate for court. Did you lose/gain weight making them too tight/loose? Are there tears/holes needing mending? Are there stains/wrinkles needing cleaning/ironing?

On the date of your appearance, be sure to:

  • Brush your teeth and use mouthwash
  • Bathe/shower with soap and water
  • Use deodorant (you’ll probably be nervous for your court appearance)
  • Make sure your fingernails are clean (Men should keep them short and without colored nail polish and Women should keep them a conservative length – no daggers! – with a neutral color polish
  • Women should wear makeup – but conservatively!
  • Men shave and/or trim your mustache/beard
  • Groom hair neatly and in a conservative style and color

Next up: Dress conservatively, such as something you would wear to church. Be sure your clothes fit; nothing too tight or too baggy.

Women should wear:

  • Business suit, nice dress or skirt and blouse, or a pants suit (again, keep it conservative and not tight and DEFINITELY NOT low-cut or too short!)
  • Shoes: closed-toe and conservative (no stilettos, extremely high heels, athletic shoes, etc.)
  • Keep jewelry to a minimum, such as a watch, one matching pair of stud earrings (no dangling earrings!), small broach or pendant. Remove all other visible piercing jewelry

Men should wear:

  • A dress shirt (preferably long-sleeved)
  • Conservative suit/sports coat (preferably navy, black, or gray in color)
  • Belt or suspenders to hold up your pants
  • Shoes should be conservative, closed-toe, unscuffed and polished
  • Keep jewelry to a minimum, a wrist watch and, if necessary, one set of VERY small pair or matching stud earrings

Other Tips:

  • Cover your tattoos
  • Remember, if you’re claiming you have no money, but you’re wearing expensive jewelry, you’re appearance says the opposite of what you’re claiming!
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