My Ex will not adhere to our custody arrangement. What do I do?

If your ex is not willing to abide by the custody arrangements in place, there are steps that you can take to address the situation. Some general steps to consider are:

1. Communication is key when dealing with custody agreement issues. Try to have a calm and respectful conversation with your ex-partner to address the problem. Clearly communicate your concerns and try to understand their perspective as well. Put your communication in writing so that if further involvement from the court becomes necessary, you have documentation. Misunderstandings or changes in circumstances may have led to the non-compliance.

2. Keep detailed records of all instances where the custody agreement was not followed. Note down dates, times, and specific details of the violations. Documentation can be crucial if you need to seek legal assistance or go to court to enforce the agreement.

3. If informal attempts do not resolve the issue, it may be necessary to consult with a family law attorney. An attorney can provide legal advice, explain your rights under the custody agreement, and help you understand the legal options available to enforce the agreement.

4. If all other avenues have been exhausted and your ex-partner continues to disregard the custody agreement, you may need to file a motion with the court to enforce the terms of the agreement. The court can intervene, enforce the agreement, and potentially impose penalties on the non-compliant parent.

5. Throughout this process, it's essential to prioritize your child's well-being and best interests. Minimize conflict as much as possible and try to create a supportive and stable environment for your child despite the challenges you may be facing with your ex-partner.

6. If the court issues an order to enforce the custody agreement, make sure you comply with the court's directives. This will demonstrate your commitment to following the legal process and can help strengthen your case if further action is needed.

Remember that every situation is unique, and it's essential to consider the specific circumstances of your case when addressing custody agreement violations. If you find yourself in a situation where your ex refuses to abide by the Court order, call our office for a consultation. We can provide you with the legal knowledge and support to help you navigate this challenging situation effectively.

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