News to Use: Ordering Divorce Documents Online

When documents are filed with the court, they are re-imaged and stored on a website.  They can be accessed and sent to the requestor without that person having to go to the court’s Archives and Records Center (ARC) to request them.

Currently, only divorce judgments are available, but the ARC is hoping to have more family law documents available soon.

To order a certified copy of a divorce judgment, you must have a valid case number for the document and a VISA, Mastercard, or Discover Card issued to a United States billing address.  You can only pay for the document with a credit card; no checks, cash, or money orders.

There is a fee for this service.  It costs fifty cents per page for the first copy, and fifty cents per page for each additional copy.  There is a $15.00 charge for certification.

To use this website, you must have a internet-capable platform, such as PC/MAC/Android; an internet web browser, such as Microsoft E/Chrome/Safari (with pop-up windows Javascript enabled); and a printer.

If you are requesting a copy of a document produced after 2004, and you cannot find it online, contact the court where the case was filed confirm the case location.

For additional information and/or to order a divorce judgment online, visit the Los Angeles County Court’s website at

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