What NOT to Bring to a Los Angeles Court

When entering a Los Angeles County Courthouse, there are certain things to bring with you, and certain things not bring because it’s against the law.

In January of 2019, the Superior Court filed a General Order stating what is not allowed in a court house:

“…All persons entering a Los Angeles County courthouse are subject to weapons screening 15 procedures established by the Court and Sheriff of Los Angeles County. Any person refusing to 16 comply with the lawful order of security personnel assigned to conduct weapons screening may 17 be refused entry into the courthouse.”

The General Order lists items which would appear obvious, such as firearms and other weapons, except for law enforcement officers.  However, it also prevents law enforcement officers from bringing firearms when they are appearing in private matter.  This Order also provides penalties for failing to comply with the Order:

PENALTIES. Violation of this Order may result in the imposition of sanctions in amounts of up 22 to $1,500 per violation pursuant to Code of Civil Procedure section 177.5 and/or prosecution for 23 criminal violations.

Here is the list, in alphabetical order of what NOT to bring with you to court.  Some of them seem obvious, but many of them are not.  If you’re going to appear in court, please check the list before doing so.  You may know you can’t bring alcohol or weapons to a courthouse, but what about belt buckles and large marking pens?  Better check the list first!

“Prohibited Items


• Aerosol and flammable sprays (including mace and pepper spray)

 • Alcohol

• Ammunition

Animals (except service animals), insects and reptiles

• Belt buckles resembling or containing firearms and other weapons

• Bicycles, bicycle parts, rollerblades, skates, skateboards, and scooters

• Box cutters, razors, razor blades, and any bladed device or device with sharp edges or points

• Ceramic and glass containers


• Cigarette lighters, gas lighters, matches, any device that emits a flame, and lighter fluid

• Firearms

• Flashlights (longer than 3” in length)

• Graffiti tools and large marking pens

• Handcuffs and handcuff keys

• Harmful biological and chemical materials

• Illegal narcotics and controlled substances, including marijuana

• Knitting and crochet needles

Knives (including pocket knives)

• Laser pointers

• Locks

• Manicure sets, metal nail files, and nail clippers

• Martial arts equipment of any kind

• Metal hair picks and rat-tail combs • Metal and studded belts

• Metal utensils (knives, forks, spoons)

• Replicas of firearms and weapons of any sort

• Rope (longer than 2” in length)

• Safety pins (larger than 2” in length)

• Scissors

• Sporting equipment

Stun guns and tasers

• Swords and cane swords • Tools

• Any weapon or item that can be used as a weapon (at the discretion of the Sheriff and Court Security personnel)

• Any mechanical or electronic smoking instrument which is capable of emitting smoke or vapor is prohibited and will be denied entry into any LASC facility. These items will not be held for safe keeping by Court or Sheriff personnel.”

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