Russell Brand and Katy Perry: Good candidates for mediation?

While Russell Brand and Katy Perry may be calling it quits on their marriage, Brand claims they want to remain friends and have an amicable divorce, according to an article in the January 16, 2012 issue of People Magazine.

There are no children involved, and there isn't likely to be much to battle over, says People. Since the pair were married in Los Angeles, under California community property law Brand is entitled to half of what the pair collectively earned during the 14-month marriage. Yet Brand is not seeking spousal support, and there is no pre-nuptial aggreement in place, according to People.

Since Brand has expressed interest in remaining friends, a collaborative divorce or mediation process may be a good choice for him and Perry. Mediation saves money, time, and ensures that the parties amicably come to a settlement that is aggreeable for both. Hopefully, the formerly happy couple can void the messy divorces so common in Hollywood and work out their differences via mediation or collaborative divorce--either of which our firm would be happy to help them with! ;)

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