Another Famous Duo Doomed!

After just 14 months of marriage actor-comedian, Russell Brand, has filed for divorce from his pop star wife, Katy Perry. Unlike many Hollywood marriages, Russell and Katy did NOT sign a prenuptial agreement before walking down the aisle. Although the couple were wed in an over-the-top ceremony in India, it's likely they have a California marriage license and Brand filed for divorice in Los Angeles where the couple own a $6.5 million mansion.

So how will this all play out in their divorce? Forbes magazine estimates that Perry made approximately $45 million dollars during the couple's 14 month marriage. Brand, on the other hand, likely earned somewhere between $6 million - $8 million during the same time period. With no prenuptial agreement safeguarding Perry's earnings during the marriage, her income would be considered community property, with Brand entitled to one-half of the sizeable sum.

Moral of the story: Get your prenuptial agreements taken care of! Call us for a consultation today!

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