Can Social Media Impact My Divorce?

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Divorce can be one of the most challenging times of someone's life, especially when children are involved. In today's generation, social media has taken over, and it's often used as an outlet for many different things, such as entertainment, a way for people to escape reality, or even to share life experiences and updates. As fun as it may be, it's essential to know that if you're going through a divorce, taking a step back from your usual social behavior activities can be highly beneficial to the outcome of your divorce.

Effects of Social Media

Completely removing yourself from social media or deleting your social accounts during your divorce is not necessarily required. However, because your social feeds can negatively impact your rights in divorce proceedings, it is crucial that when using social media, you are not doing anything that can be used against you or cause your spouse to be triggered and try to retaliate. Many behaviors on social media can be used as evidence in a divorce, so be sure to discuss best practices with your divorce attorney, as they will be able to provide more detailed instructions on what to avoid based on your case. However, some of the most common mistakes people who are going through a divorce make on social include:

Posting Information About Your Personal Life

Sharing images or videos of your social life online can be dangerous during a divorce, especially if any images suggest drugs being involved or late nights when you should be home with your child. Also, sharing information about any new romantic partners can have adverse effects as the court may question that you are bringing new people into the child's life too early.

Sharing Feelings About Your Divorce

It's normal to want to go online and vent about frustrations you may be experiencing in your life. Unfortunately, this should be avoided because revealing negative feelings about your situation can harm your case. It may result in the judge thinking you are bad-mouthing in front of your child, which could cause them to feel ill about your spouse.

Exposing Financial Information

Even if you block your spouse during your divorce, avoid posting anything that could insinuate you are making costly purchases or decisions, as this could negatively impact your rights in a settlement.

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