Los Angeles Country Relocating Child Support Operations in April 2021

On Monday, April 19, 2021, the Los Angeles’s Superior Court’s AB 1058 Child Support Commissioner Program Clerk’s Office, courtrooms, and the Family Law Facilitator Office will relocate from the Central Civil West Courthouse (CCW) (located at 600 South Commonwealth Avenue, Los Angeles) to the Stanley Mosk Courthouse (SMC) at 111 North Hill Street, Los Angeles.

All of the court-related functions at CCW will cease operations on Friday, April 16, 2021.  All cases with hearing dates on April 19 – or after April 19, will be heard by the existing court commissioner at SMC on the same date and at the same time currently scheduled (unless otherwise noticed). 

Notices will be mailed to all parties with upcoming hearing dates on or before April 19, with a flyer attached to new filings notifying the parties of the hearing location change.

Here is the list of new courtroom assignments:





Department 2E

Angela Villegas

Department. 33, Room 409, 4th Floor

Department 2F

Angela Davis

Department. 46, Room 500, 5th Floor

Department 2G

Dennis F. Hernandez

Department. 41, Room 417, 4th Floor

Department 2H

Frank W. Chen

Department. 2H60, Room 518, 5th Floor

The courtrooms’ phone numbers will remain the same.

Clerk’s Office – AB 1058 Child Support Commissioner Program

The Clerk’s Office – AB 1058 Child Support Commissioner Program will move from Room 314 at CCW to Room 425B (located on the fourth floor) at SMC. Beginning, April 19, all documents must be filed at SMC effective April 19 either in person, the document drop boxes located on the Grand Street entrance of the SMC, or via U.S. Mail. Please note, the on-site, in-person services will continue to be available by appointment only. To schedule an appointment, call (213) 351-7500.

Family Law Facilitator Office

The Family Law Facilitator Office will move from Room 1602 at CCW to Room 426 (fourth floor) at SMC. Again, please note, on-site, in-person services will continue to be available by appointment only. To schedule a Webex, telephone, or on-site appointment, call the Self-Help Center at (213) 830-0845.

Current Restrictions in Compliance with Covid 19 Safety Protocol

In accordance with the General Order No. 2020-GEN-025-00, access to the courthouse is restricted and all persons are required to wear a face mask over their nose and mouth while in a courthouse. Persons whose disabilities preclude them from wearing face coverings (see California Department of Public Health Guidance Concerning the Use of Face Coverings issued on June 18, 2020) are urged to seek an accommodation under Rule 1.100 of the California Rules of Court in advance of their court appearance or appointment.

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