Audrina Patridge Corey Bohan and Covid 19

Audrina Patridge is an American 35-year old model, actress, and reality television personality.  She is known for her work on the reality TV show The Hills; movies Sorority Row and Into the Blue 2: The Reef (direct to DVD), Honey 2 and Scary Movie; and hosting her own reality show Audrina.

Corey Bohan is a 38-year old Australian former professional BMX dirt bike rider.  As a motocross rider, he obtained several podium finishes in the X Games, including the first competitor to win the BMX dirt portion three years in a row.  He also appeared on reality television shows when he began his relationship with Audrina Patridge.

In 2008, Patridge and Bohan began dating.  Bohan even appeared on Patridge’s reality shows The Hills and Audrina numerous times.  Their relationship was tumultuous, however.  They split up, reunited, and then had their daughter Kirra in 2014.  In 2016, the couple married, but separated and divorced ten months later.  The divorce was contentious, with a bitter fight over custody of Kirra.

In June of 2020, according to TMZ, Bohan filed a petition in Orange County California Superior Court requesting child support for Kirra from Patridge because he was no longer working.  According to his documents, Bohan had been working as a bartender, but he lost his job in March of 2020 from the covid 19 shelter-in-place lockdown.  He has had no income since.  He has not been able to receive unemployment benefits.

Bohan, in his documents, estimates Patridge earns $36,000 a month, and according to California law, Kirra is entitled to the same standard of living in Bohan’s home as she receives in Patridge’s home.  Thus, he is entitled to receive child support to balance Kirra’s life in both homes.  Further, when he is able to return to work, his estimated income will only be $2000-$3000 per month.

Bohan also argues that Patridge has real estate investments and other sources of income, so she can easily afford to pay Bohan child support.

Bohan is also requesting $7500.00 in attorney’s fees for his legal effort to receive child support.

In California, a child is entitled to live at the same standard of living as his/her parents.  If one parent has a higher standard of living, then that parent is obligated to pay child support to elevate the child’s living standard while with the other parent.  The fact that the parent receiving child support can give him or her a higher standard of living as well, does not affect the law.  The receiving parent can benefit as well.

Also, according to California law, if one party in a family law proceeding cannot afford to pay attorney fees for legitimate court appearances, and the other party can afford to pay it, the court will grant a request for reasonable fees.

Patridge has 30 days to file her response to Bohan’s request.

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