Blac Chyna vs Rob Kardashian

Rob Kardashian is an American-born television-reality show celebrity and businessman.  He is a member of the famous Kardashian family and appears on their reality show Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

Blac Chyna (true name Angela Renee White) is an American realty show celebrity, model and entrepreneur.  She began her adult life as a stripper to pay for her college tuition.  However, she had to drop out of school after continuing to fall asleep in her classes.  Her stripping got her gigs dancing on rapper videos and modeling jobs.  She founded her own clothing and make up line in 2014.

In April of 2016, Chyna began dating Kardashian.  They had a daughter together (Dream Renee Kardashian) in November of 2016, and separated a month later.  They tried for a reconciliation, but were unsuccessful.  Their relationship continues to be highly contentious, especially over custody and support of their daughter.  In July of 2017, Kardashian posted sexually explicit photos of Chyna on Instagram, and Chyna obtained a restraining order against him.

In the first of week of January, 2020, Kardashian went back into Los Angeles County Court seeking primary physical custody of Dream.  He argued that Chyna was out of control.  He accused Chyna of being drunk all the time, snorting cocaine, becoming violent to the point of throwing knives and candles at people.  He also claims that Dream’s behavior is affected by Chyna’s behavior.  Dream (according to Kardashian), has poor personal hygiene, and has started “naked twerking and acting out sexual positions that her mother taught her.  He requests that Chyna only have monitored visitations with Dream and that she submits to drug testing before any visit.

In the second week of January of 2020, Chyna responded to Kardashian’s custody petition. She states that she is a very good mother and would never harm her child.  She denies all of Kardashian’s accusations against her, and accuses him of being a liar.

When determining child custody in California, first choice should be in continuing contact of the child with both parents; thus, joint physical and legal custody.  When issues arise preventing continuing contact with both parents, the courts will grant custody to the parent based on the best interests of the child.

Here, Kardashian is arguing that allowing Chyna continued custody of Dream puts Dream in harm’s way, while Chyna is arguing that Dream is no danger at there should be no change in custody.

Stay tuned for more Kardashian/Chyna drama!

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