Most Married Man and Woman in California

On June 10, 1997, Glynn Wolfe (also known as Scotty Wolfe) died. He was 88 years old and had been a Baptist minister.

His passing could have been grieved by his family and friends, but Wolfe had one distinction that made him and his passing famous: Wolfe had been married 30 times – all of them monogamous marriages!

He had been widowed five times and divorced 25 times. He would have been married 31 times, however, his marriage to Bonnie Lee Bakely (the first number 29) was annulled.

Bonnie Lee Bakely herself would later become a famous person after her death in 2001. At the time, she was married to actor Robert Blake who never lived with her, but married her when she gave birth to his child.

On May 4, 2001, he took her to dinner at a restaurant. After dinner, according to Blake, Bakely waited in the car while Blake retrieved something from the restaurant. When he returned to the car, Bakely had been shot and killed. Blake was tried for murder, but found innocent. He was later found civilly liable for $15 million dollars.

Coincidentally, Bakely spent most of her adult life running lonely hearts scams. She, herself, married nine times!

After his annulment from Bakely, Wolfe returned to his serial marrying. He married his 29th wife in 1996 and divorced her the same year. In 1997, he married his 30th wife Linda Essex from Indiana in 1997. According to Essex, the marriage was a publicity stunt. Essex (now Wolfe) holds the record for most monogamous single serial marriages by a woman. She was married 23 times.

A week after Wolfe and Essex married, Essex returned to her hometown in Indiana. She retained her married name, and Wolfe died the following year with neither spouse filing for divorce.

According to Wikipedia, “…Wolfe died in Redlands California, 45 days shy of his 89th birthday. He had approximately 40 children. His body went unclaimed. He was eventually buried in Los Angeles. None of the 29 women he legally married, and [only one of his 40] children, attended the funeral service.”

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