Some Positive After Effects of Divorce on Children

Last week, we delved into the negative effects divorce has on children. This week, will examine some positive effects divorce has on children.

Once the divorce is over, the healing has to begin.

If both parents are happier after their divorce, and are willing to work for the benefit of their children, their children can begin to heal too, and often thrive.

Tension in the home – The tension between the parents while still together has now dissipated now that they’re no longer together. There are no more arguments and accusations or other negative behavior witnessed by the children. The children can feel the lack of animosity and can now begin to relax.

Quality time with each parent – Although, there will probably very few times both parents are together for the sake of their children (such as graduations, and religious ceremonies), the children will get to spend quality time with each parent separately. These children will be able to see their parents for the individuals that they are and that they both love their children unconditionally.

Less prone to addiction – Now that the parents are not focusing negatively on each other and their own world, they can focus on their children. If they spend the quality parental time, studies have shown, those children will be less prone to self-medicate with drugs and/or alcohol.

Less chance of repeating their parents’ mistakes – Many children watch as their parents’ marriage falls apart and can see the pitfalls that caused the divorce. By seeing it, often they strive harder not to do the same things their parents did, and make better decisions. (Yes, they will make their own mistakes that may end in divorce. But will not make the same one, such as marrying too young, or for lust and not love.)

When parents are in a loving marital relationship, their children share in the benefits of that marriage. There are no “negative after effects of divorce” or “positive after effects” of divorce, because the family unit is happy and intact. Most adults strive for a happy marriage and family life, but even if they can’t provide a happy marriage, they want to provide a happy life for their children.

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