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Benefits of the Mediation Process

Divorces are often rancorous, emotionally draining, and can be needlessly expensive. Using the mediation process in divorce proceedings can lessen or eliminate these problems.

The mediation process consists of using a neutral third-party mediator to negotiate issues concerning the division of assets and debts, child custody and support, and spousal support.

The mediator will gather all the information necessary regarding the needs, abilities, and concerns of each party and their children, their financial situation, assets and debts, and any other specific concerns the parties may have. And after gathering all the information, the mediator will help the parties reach a marital settlement agreement they can both be satisfied with.

The benefits of the mediation process include:

  • Less costly for the parties involved: A mediated divorce averages about $5000.00; and often less than a third of the cost of a court-litigated divorce.
  • Improve the relationship between the parties: By negotiating instead of fighting with each other, the parties can reduce tensions during the divorce process, thus improving their future interactions regarding their children.
  • For the children: With less infighting and more collaboration between the parties, the children benefit by the reduction of tension between their parents.
  • Less time consuming: A court-litigated divorce usually takes more time than a mediator-litigated divorce.

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