Commissioner Nori Anne Walla's Farewell Dinner

On January 20, 2011 our firm attended the farewell dinner for outgoing Judge in Pasadena, Department K, Commissioner Nori Anne Walla. Commissioner Walla has been presiding over family law cases such as divorce, custody, child support, spousal support, move-away case, property division, and other family law matters for over 10 years. Our firm has appeared before Commissioner Walla on several divorce and custody matters over the years. We will miss her dearly. We are looking forward to appearing before the Honorable Diana Gould Saltman who is the new presiding Judge in Department K in Pasadena. Commission Walla talked about all of the complex and sometimes crazy/humorous divorce and custody cases in her department over the years. What really stood out for her was the fact that in her role as Judge, she was able to really help people through very difficult times. We feel the same way. Our goal is to help all of our clients through a very difficult time in their lives.