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Legal Custody in Divorce Cases

The Law Offices of Makupson & Howard has collectively 50 years of experience in family law. We have successfully helped many individuals with their divorce cases reach custody agreements with their spouses. Our firm has also provided aggressive and skilled representation in complex custody situations. A Pasadena family law attorney from our firm should be contacted if you are getting a divorce and have questions about custody.

When parents divorce and are unable to come to an agreement regarding the custody of their child, the court will intervene to determine which parent will receive physical and/or legal custody. Legal custody gives a parent the right to make decisions regarding the care and rearing of their child. When a spouse is awarded sole legal custody, they have the right to make exclusive decisions regarding the child's welfare. When joint custody is awarded, both parents participate in making decisions. Most courts in this state will give joint legal custody to divorcing parents unless it is in some way detrimental to the child.

Pasadena Legal Custody Lawyer

Legal custody can be an extremely important issue. It grants a parent the right to determine:

  • Where a child goes to school
  • The child's after-school activities
  • How health care issues will be address
  • What religion the child will be brought up in

A parent may be denied legal custody if there is any history of child abuse, or the parent has a drug or alcohol problem. Once the court issues a custody order, in can difficult to modify unless the circumstances at the time of the order have significantly changed.

You need to team up with the best child custody lawyer in Pasadena to fight for the results that you need and want. We know the emotional toll a divorce can take, particularly when children are involved. Our firm can guide you through the custody process and help ensure your interests are capably represented.

Contact a Pasadena Legal Custody Lawyer from our firm if you are getting a divorce and have questions about child custody.

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