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When a couple seeks a dissolution of marriage, decisions will need to be made regarding the distribution of property. If the couple can't reach its own agreement regarding property division, the court will step in and decide the matter. As a first step, the court will establish the couple's community property, separate property and quasi-marital property. Property accumulated during a marriage is considered communal property. Separate property is any property acquired by a spouse before the marriage or after the date of separation. The value of the property will then be determined. Once the value has been assigned, the community property will be equally divided between the spouses, excluding gifts and inheritance. Separate property is generally awarded to the party who acquired it.

How property is divided is often a highly contested issue between spouses. You need the help of the top divorce lawyer in Pasadena to ensure that your rights are protected. A Pasadena divorce attorney from our firm should be contacted if you are getting a divorce to find out what property you are legally entitled to. If possible, we will work out an agreement between you and your spouse regarding property division. Our firm can also provide capable representation in court regarding a property settlement.

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Property Division Attorney in Pasadena

If a divorcing couple has many assets, property division can become very complicated. Even determining the value of an asset can require testimony from experts or other individuals. Looking for a lawyer for your divorce in Pasadena? The Law Offices of Makupson & Howard can provide skilled legal counsel regarding property division and help simplify the process. We can also be counted on to aggressively protect your interests and ensure the equitable division of assets.

The community property that will be divided between you and your spouse will include any assets acquired during the marriage. Property obtained before the marriage will generally be awarded to the party who acquired it. Separate property assets may include:

  • Real property
  • Gift or inheritance
  • Any property obtained after a legal separation or after the date of separation
  • Any property included in a pre-nuptial agreement
  • Property received in exchange for property acquired before a marriage

Ask our office for assistance if you are getting a divorce and need help with property division. We are extremely knowledgeable in divorce cases and can answer your questions about the distribution of assets.

Contact a Pasadena Property Division Attorney from our firm if you are seeking a divorce and need help in property division.


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