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Divorce in California

Divorce is known as dissolution of marriage or dissolution of domestic partnership in the state of California. After 50 years of practicing family law, we at the Law Offices of Makupson & Howard have seen the full range of divorce cases from amicable to hostile. We offer understanding mediation services and aggressive trial experience. If divorce is the decided course of action, a caring and knowledgeable Pasadena divorce attorney may be of great assistance to you and your family.

Divorce is commonly tough on both partners and their children. You need help from the best divorce lawyer in Pasadena to make the process as easy as possible. The laws and procedures involved are complex and can be hard to navigate alone. At times, legal separation can be the proper resolution to your situation. A separation differs from a divorce in that it does not end the marriage or domestic partnership. All of the issues that need to be decided in a divorce such as child support, spousal support, child custody, visitation and others will need to be ironed out for a legal separation. You and your partner will not, however, have your marriage dissolved.

Making the Right Decisions

The decisions that you make during your divorce action may affect you and your children for decades to come and it is important that you understand the laws. Our state was the first to have the "no-fault divorce." This means your divorce can be granted for no other reason than a finding of "irreconcilable differences." Either through mediation or in a trial before the court, the important matters of division of property, what type of custody will be awarded and to whom, spousal support, visitation rights and child support will all need to be decided upon.

The court will make the final decision on these matters. A properly prepared marital settlement agreement can present the court with a legally satisfying conclusion to all important issues. Not understanding the laws and your rights under the law, can adversely affect you and your children. We would like you to take advantage of our knowledge and experience, to reach the divorce agreements that are important to you.

Contact a Pasadena Dissolution of Marriage Attorney when you want to ensure your rights are protected in any divorce proceedings.

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