Pasadena Physical Custody Lawyer

Physical Custody Laws

Divorce laws in this state permit spouses with children to work out their own agreements regarding custody. A Pasadena divorce lawyer can help mediate the agreement and provide competent legal assistance in resolving custody disputes.

Physical custody concerns where a child will live after the divorce, and is one of several custody issues that will need to be addressed during a divorce. When joint physical custody is awarded, the child will have frequent and on-going contact with each parent. With sole physical custody, one spouse is designated the primary caregiver, and the other spouse is given visitation rights. The court whether joint physical custody or sole custody is granted based on what it considers is in the best interests of the child.

The Law Offices of Makupson & Howard has extensive experience in divorce cases involving child custody. We can help execute custody agreements between parents, as well as represent clients at custody hearings. Our firm is committed to protecting the rights of parents during a divorce, and will provide compassionate and skilled legal consul when addressing custody matters.

Physical Custody Attorney in Pasadena

Find an experienced child custody lawyer in Pasadena to help you in your case. A skilled custody lawyer from our office can discuss the laws that apply to custody and possible outcomes to your case. The court will evaluate various factors pertaining to the child and parents when making a determination on physical custody, including:

  • The type of care and support each parent can provide
  • The parent's mental and physical state
  • Any parental history of child abuse
  • Any parental drug or alcohol issues

Our firm can be counted on to keep a child's welfare and safety of paramount concern in any custody proceedings.

If you need help with a custody case, contact a Pasadena Physical Custody Attorney from our office to find out about custody laws.

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