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Stormy Daniels and her Newest Storm

Stormy Daniels is the stage name of Stephanie A. Gregory Clifford. She is an adult actress, stripper, screenwriter and director. Although well known in the adult entertainment industry, main-stream ...
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When Any Doesn't Mean Every

In 2016, Daughters (then ages 14 and 11) were the children of Mother [M] and Father [F], all American citizens but living in Tijuana, Mexico. From an anonymous tip, the Mexican Department of Integrity ...
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A Court Can Correct Its Own Errors

Husband [H] is a well-known music producer currently serving prison time for second degree murder. He married Wife [W] while out on bail and awaiting his trial for murder. He was found guilty and ...
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When a Child Doesn't Need to Testify

In April of 2017, Step-daughter [SD] told her maternal uncle [U] that Father [F] was in the bedroom with his biological daughter [D] with the door closed. U listened at the door, and heard D say to F, ...
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