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Ex Parte Orders and Pendente Lite Relief

The dictionary defines ex parte as a Latin term meaning from (by/for) a party without the other party being present. However, the very basis of American jurisprudence is to have all representative ...
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What's Next After Filing for Divorce

The California Family Code and the state’s legislature define dissolution, legal separation and nullity proceedings as non-adversarial, because they are no-fault actions. In other words, there ...
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What is Jurisdiction?

Jurisdiction provides a court with the power to issue orders and adjudicate cases. Without it, in democratic societies, justice would not survive. Before any court will hear any case, the court must ...
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Ending Marriage and Domestic Partnership at the Same Time

A legally recognized domestic partnership was a way for same sex couples to enter into a marriage-type relationship when same sex marriages were illegal. These domestic partnerships provided the same ...
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