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When Higher Income Means Less Child Support

In 2005, F and M had an affair that resulted in their daughter, Z. F is a married movie producer and director and M is a part time hair stylist. F has three children with his wife, and M has two other ...
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Prenups with Cheating Clauses

Carmelo Anthony is a professional basketball player with the New York Knicks. In 2007, he married television personality and author Alani “La La” Vazquez Anthony. They have one child, a ...
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But I Only Drove Drunk Once!

Mother (M) and Father (F) are the parents of two children, Daughter (D) and Son (S). In July of 2015, at about 2:30a.m., a California Highway patrol officer noticed a car being driven erratically on ...
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Selling Methamphetamine Doesn't Make Me a Bad Dad

Brother [B] (age six months) and sister [S] (age four years), lived with their unmarried mother [M] and father [F] in Los Angeles County. M was a school teacher. F was a licensed security guard, but ...
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Ex Wife Doesn't Have to Get a Job

Husband and Wife were married in 2001. Husband was a city firefighter and Wife was a secretary for a real estate agency. At the time of their marriage, Husband was 53 years old and Wife was 51 years ...
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