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Shelly Sterling vs. V. Staviano: Return the Community Property!

In 1955, Donald Sterling (nee Tokowitz) married Rochelle “Shelly” Stein in Los Angeles County, California. They had three children and proceeded to build an empire based mostly on ...
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Collecting Child Support Via the State of California

In California, once child support is owed, it is always owed until paid. There is no statute of limitations to legally erase the debt over a period of time. When a court orders a parent to pay child ...
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When a Custodial Parent Interferes with Visitation Rights

The state of California makes very clear the importance of a child’s continuous interactions with both parents. It recommends joint custody as the preferred form of custody, unless other ...
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Establishing Paternity in California

In California, Section 7540 of the Family Code states that a child of a wife living with her husband at the time of conception (unless he is impotent or sterile) is considered to be the ...
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Computer Software to Calculate Child Support

In California, a commercial software program known as “DissoMaster” is used by family law specialists to determine the amount of child support one parent must pay to the other. It is based ...
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