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An Unwelcome Discovery: Finding Pornography on the Family Computer!

Having a client discover pornography on the family computer poses more than just a sticky situation for an attorney - the issue raises several ethical and strategic problems, as well as criminal ...
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Discovering Unreported Income: Procedural Approaches

In concluding his four factored approach to "Discovering Unreported Income," Marcyan stresses that the way evidence is presented matters just as much, if not more than, the evidence itself. He ...
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Discovering Unreported Income:Privilege, Forfeiture, and the 5th Amendment

How Far Does the Attorney-Client Privilege Extend? In short, it extends pretty far, but not that far. The attorney-client privilege does not extend to any discussions or advice an attorney gives a ...
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Discovering Unreported Income: Practical Issues

What factors should an attorney consider if he/she believes to have substantial proof that the other spouse has hidden assets and that the income from those assets is being held in a third party's ...
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Discovering Unreported Income: Ethical Issues

This entry and the three to follow summarize an article titled, "Discovering Unreported Income" by Carlton R. Marcyan, published in the ABA Section to Family Law publication "Family ...
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