Enforcing Family Law Orders

Pasadena Family Law Attorney

Family law orders are often established by the court. Whether the order involves child support, child custody or other important legal matters, the two parents involved are supposed to abide by these orders. If however, one of the two parents fails to comply, it becomes the unfortunate responsibility of the other parent to make sure that they become enforced. At the Law Offices of Makupson & Howard, we understand the difficulties and stress that can arise and are determined to help you get the amount of child support or custody that you are entitled to.

Different Types of Court Orders

No matter what type of family law order needs to be enforced, is it important to get superior legal counsel from a Pasadena family law attorney as soon as possible. With more than 42 years of collective experience, the lawyers at our firm can assist you with various types of court orders involving:

  • Child Support: When the other parent fails to pay you the amount of child support that is ordered, this can become a very serious matter. Not only does this affect you, but it strongly affects your child as well. This could mean that you become unable to pay for your child's school expenses, clothing and even food. Let us help you get the amount of child support that you need to pay for your child's expenses.
  • Child Custody: If the other parent involved is not following these orders or refuses to let you see your child, our family law firm can assist you. We can help you with the important steps of notifying the authorities, filing "contempt" with the court stating that the other parent failed to abide by the court orders, and getting you the appropriate amount of time with your child.
  • Other Important Family Law Orders: In addition to child support and custody, the Law Offices of Makupson & Howard is committed to guiding you through the legal processes involved in Writ of Execution, Earnings Assignment Order, Contempt Proceedings as well as a variety of other matters.

Discuss your enforcement case with a family law lawyer in Pasadena, CA!

If the mother/father of your child is failing to abide by family law orders, now is the time to speak with a representative at the Law Offices of Makupson & Howard. We have dealt with a multitude of these types of cases and are committed to utilizing our resources and expertise towards your unique case. When a court order is not followed, it should not be your responsibility to enforce it. Looking for an attorney for your family law case in Pasadena? Obtain help from an experienced family lawyer in Pasadena. Our team of attorneys is determined to guide you towards an effective end result and make sure that you and your child stay protected throughout the process. Do not hesitate to pick up the phone and call a Pasadena divorce attorney about enforcing your court orders!

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